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         Carkhuff Launches Generativity Library


Dr. Robert R. Carkhuff, best known for his generation of the Sciences of Possibilities, has launched the Carkhuff Generativity Library. The author of over 200 works and over 25,000 holdings in libraries across the world (according to World Cat Identities, [2015]), is internationally recognized as "The Father of Generativity." 


Geopolitically, over the past two decades, Carkhuff has promoted his " Generativity Stimulus Package" as the alternative to the "Financial Stimulus Packages" which failed disastrously. 


Carkhuff cites as evidence his own work directing "The Springfield, Massachusetts Miracle"* of the 1960's and 1970's, in which the generativity design brought 35 years of prosperity with systematic intervention in homes, schools, colleges, public sector, and private sector. Sponsored and funded by life insurance companies like Massachusetts Mutual (J.Martin,CEO) and Monarch Life  (B. Jones, CEO), and codirected by Andrew H. Griffin, R.C. Sprinthall, and American International College (A.I.C.), the Community Capital Development Program generated extraordinary productivity benefits for both corporations and the minority communities as well as A.I.C. (Carkhuff, The Development of Human Resources, 1971; The Generativity Civilization, 2014). 


In extension to "The Massachusetts Miracle," Carkhuff also cites the M.I.T. -- Bank-Boston demonstrations where 4,000 graduates of M.I.T. formed entrepreneurial companies supported by Bank-Boston financial loans, and generated nearly $250 billion annually in the 1980's and 1990's (Carkhuff, Human Processing and Human Productivity, 1986; The Freedom Wars, 2004).




*Nocera, J. " The Springfield Miracle." Newsweek, June 6, 1988, pp45-48.


Carkhuff's recommendations for "The Generativity Mission" are threefold:


  • 1) Generative entrepreneurs which have already  accounted for 50% of national GDP under conditions of Free Markets and Free Enterprise (1980-2000); 


  • 2) Substantive sciences and their systematic technologies which drive the educational and training systems accounting for 50% of entrepreneurial generativity (1980-2000): 


  • 3) Community banks, which provide finances and empowering services, accounting for 15% to 20% of entrepreneurial success (1980-2000). 


The sources of these three generativity functions may be shared by "Entrepreneurial Capitalism" and "Entrepreneurial Statism."


Interdisciplinary in nature, the Generativity Library dedicates its volumes to rehabilitating a civilization that is "deteriorating in every way." 


Carkhuff, himself, among the most-referenced psychologists in history, has generated two movements in his lifetime:

  • "The Human Relations Movement" (Helping and Human Relations, Volumes I-II, 1969). 

  • "The Human Generativity Movement" (around which the library is organized):

  •  The Human Sciences, Volumes I-IV, 2013

  •  Human Generativity, I-IV, 2014.

  •  Information Generativity, I-IV, 2015.


George Banks, Ph.D, Chairman.

The McLean Project




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