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                                GENERATIVITY- AN INTRODUCTION


I have been witness to some of the greatest explosions of generative breakthroughs in the history of mankind:


  • " The Manhattan Project" under the direction of J.Robert Oppenheimer which sought to systematically "explode" an atomic bomb and ended up synergistically "imploding" a bomb to end a terrible war;


  • " The Marshall Plan" of Dwight Eisenhower and George Marshall, which initiated a "Tsunami Wave" of prosperity through free enterprise economics, democratic participation and cultural relating; 


  • " The Information Revolution" which generated a multi trillion dollar marketplace through the systematic R & D of Jack Kilby and many others in inventing the microchip and empowering it with technological innovations. 


 These monumental projects alone have brought us a harvest of benefits that the world had never before known: Peace, Participation, Prosperity. 


        The genesis of generativity is one of "origination." Like the term, "genesis" itself, the processes and products of generativity are "original" in the world around us: their creativity and productivity had never been experienced before. 


        The function or purpose of generativity has been to solve old problems and create new visions. In this context, generativity may serve to initiate the continuous changes necessary for both the survival and sustainability of nature and mankind. 


        The fundamental principles of generativity science empower us to generate infinite possibilities that both embrace and resolve the apparent conflicts of relativity and chaos. We can neither explore our universes nor penetrate infinity with the simplicity of the equations of probabilities science: x = y.


        The Illustrations of Community Capital Development that follow bring generativity interventions to every component of the community: homes, schools, colleges, public sector, and private sector. This is the first in a series of demonstrations of GenCube technologies. 


        To sum, the models derived from generativity science are highly initiative  and, as such, have limitations even as they move inexorably toward discovering the Nature of Nature and its phenomena: multidimensional, interdependent, curvilinear, asymmetrical,changeable. This is "Humandkind's Work!"


        The phenomenal models, in turn, require a higher level of alignment through relating: of enhancing phenomenal potential through empowerment: of freeing phenomena to process their own changeable destinies. They are therefore experiential, evolving, and unifying; they express the changing basic fabric of developmental possibilities. This is "God's Work!" 



RRC, Chairman,                                                                          March 2016

GENCUBE Inc                                                                             Mclean, Virginia





                         G  E  N  C  U  B  E 

   G E N E R A T I V I T Y   C U B I N G

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